Tonight at Knit Night, I had a friend take a few pictures of me wearing my finished Trillian scarf while there was still daylight. Here are my faves.

I’m so glad it’s done! I love how it looks and feels, but gosh, it was probably my longest project ever- I think I started in November of 2015, but it was forgotten about, then purposely eschewed in favor of projects that didn’t bother my hands.  Anyway, it’s done, and I’ll wear it often and will also make an effort to check my hair before photo shoots (rogue curl strikes again!!). 

Twelve slow rows 

The current Leethalknits KAL hat I’m working on is going very slowly. Every other row is a very cabley/twisted stitch-y row, and takes lots of concentration on top of the pattern AND stitch key. Not great for knit night or on-the-go knitting at all. So I only have twelve rows of the body done.

On the bright side, the non-cable rows are fairly fast, and I’m finally getting the hang of cabling without a needle. 😐

Power through

I did it! With knitting time here and there today, I managed to finish my Trillian scarf! 

Following the instructions, I started the edge pattern when I had 7 grams of yarn left. 

Actually, I was nervous and started with more than 7. Maybe 10, I forget. Anyway, even with skipping one edge tepeat(two rows), I barely had enough yarn to finish.

Yeah…. That’s just over an inch of yarn left after binding off. 😳😳😳

I’m going to give it a soa now- will show you FO pics when it’s dry!!!

The end is in sight!

My Trillian scarf has been going pretty well. The other day I weighed the ball of yarn, and it was around 42 grams. Now, with  this pattern, you’re supposed to knit until you have 7 grams left. Well, after getting down to 40-some grams, I’ve been inspired to finish this thing up! I’ve been working a few rows a day, and weighing  it every so often, and suddenly I’m down to 22 grams! Only 15 to go – each row is a bit over a gram at the moment, with each successive row using up a bit more yarn than the previous rows, so fewer than 20 rows to go, I estimate. Yay!!!

Little by little

A few nights ago, I plied the last of my tardis blue singles.

Today I found time to skein the yarn.

After taking the photo, I soaked the skeins in Eucalan, then squeezed water out before whacking them against the shower wall (to set the twist). After whacking them,  they’re hanging straight down from the top of the shower door, quite the balanced skeins.  If they’re dry tomorrow, I’ll show you!

Old standby

Ya know those patterns you always turn to when you need something that you know will turn out right the first time and can be done quickly? For me that is the fingerless gloves pattern in the book One Skein Wonders. I’ve had great luck with this pattern- with many different yarns it has always turned out great. 

This time I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and size 6 needles. Instead of ribbing up to the thumb gusset, I did ribbing and then stockinette.

I’m very pleased with the results, and I hope the recipient will be as well.