Stash, stash-busting 

During my first few years of knitting, my stash was totally tiny. I had leftover balls and a few skeins I’d impulse buy at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley, back when they still sold yarn.   Eventually I graduated to an IKEA basket that could hold quite a lot. That was still ok.

But when I bought a spinning wheel and fiber, the storage space in the hall closet started to feel cramped. Then I bought a sewing machine, patterns, and fabric, and the space became more and more cramped.

I eventually realized that I don’t like or want a big stash for any hobby, especially living in an apartment with not a lot of storage space.  So for several months I’ve been on a use-the-stash mission. I don’t want to have more than my 4 boxes of yarn, 1 box of bear yarn, 1 box of fiber plus misc, and one box of fabric.

12-inch ruler for scale.  Look at that top box!  So much space available!  

It’s going ok- I’ve been using up far more stash than I’ve been adding, and the boxes have plenty of space. Yay!

With the sewing that I did when I couldn’t knit, my fabric stash went down A LOT and its box is spacious these days, in spite of a knitting friend destashing to me a few yards of lovely fabric.  The bibs and skirts that I recently sewed were surprisingly good for stash-busting!

My hall closet is much happier with less stuff. Oh- aside from knitting, sewing, and spinning, there are also also beading, stationary, and misc kids’ craft supplies here.

Here’s the bottom view:


Here you see my yarn stash, my ball winder, swift, spinning wheel,  white box full of bear yarn, and a tiny bit of the spinning fiber box.


Here you see my white box of fabric, a white folder file of patterns, my sewing machine, basket of knitting and spinning things, plastic drawers of kids’ craft items, cardboard boxes of random crafts, stationary, and beading supplies, and a few plastic bead boxes.

I don’t think it’s an overwhelming stash for someone with so many hobbies, right? I know some people feel guilt about having a big stash, especially if it’s really big, but for me it’s more of an inconvenience if the stash is too big to store easily in a small apartment.  Also, I really like finishing things, so I don’t like to have lots of leftover yarns lying around.  Enter bear knitting…..

My most recent stash-busting project: V bear. I aim to use every last bit of these pinks, then tackle other wee balls in the stash and make them disappear as well.
How do you organize your crafts? How do you stash-bust??

5 thoughts on “Stash, stash-busting 

  1. Living in the burbs means I have a 4 bedroom house, and now with two girls off to college this year, only 1 bedroom in use. I have a room all to my crafts, pretty much the same as your list. But, I rarely use it, since I have a knitting spot downstairs and I mostly knit now. But sometimes I get the machine going, and beaded stuff and bows have been produced in my craft room. Mostly I use plastic bins or Iris carts to hold the stash. Bookcases and cedar chest round out the storage.

    • Nice! I dream of a craft room. When I sew, I have to take over the kitchen table, so it’s basically only late in the evenings when I get a chance…. At least knitting is portable.

    • I love my cedar chest! I just bought it from a friend a few months back, not sure how I survived without it for so long! Ohhhh I dream of a craft room of my own. For now I make due with my space in the hall closet, but I dream….

  2. I have bins too. The way I mostly stash bust is giving yarn remnants and colors I don’t like anymore to a children’s knitting group. I have a whole bag for our old school in the city.

    • Nice! I am weirdly thrifty/cheap/stingy about scraps. I tend to use up every last bit- even for our Stash Exchange, I prefer to bring full skeins. It’s a weird quirk!!!

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