Pretty perfect

Today I shopped for linings for a few skirts I’ve been wanting to sew. From our trip to the Lost Coast, I have some purple flowery souvenir fabric from the shop Stitch in Ferndale, and I also have some cool “wonderland” fabric recently destashed to me by a knitting friend.

The pattern is the Robert Kauffman free skirt pattern, but I thought I’d try making it less wide this time, as I’m pretty petite and don’t need tons of fabric bunched up around my waist.  I started with the wonderland fabric, because I have a lot of it. It came out perfect for me.

The length is just as I like my skirts- it hits above the knee.  The circumference is not as generous as the Tardis skirt ended up, and I think this less fluffy/bunchy effect looks better on me.  Plus, you can see the cute print more easily. I am so happy with the pattern placement! I’m sure I will omit the 4 inches or so that I took off from the circumference every time I make this pattern in the future. The only thing I regret is that I forgot to add the pockets I had prepared.  I love skirts with pockets!

Oh! By the way, I forgot to show you my souvenirs from the lost Coast.

Knitting book, fabric, and wine. Pretty perfect!

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