A reluctant break

My hands and wrists are feeling pretty bad right now, so I’ve decided to take a break from blogging in order to reduce the number of things that lure me to my phone and computer, both of which make my carpal tunnel worse.  I’ll eventually be back, but for now here are some pics from the pretty good day we had here in San Francisco.

See you again soon, I hope!

In lieu of knitting 

I’m still on a break from knitting. It isn’t easy, but luckily I have loads of good books to read instead. 

I’ve been wearing fingerless mitts a lot because sometimes with carpal tunnel, my hand and arm feel cold. I had acupuncture today, which I just love, and it helps a lot.  Maybe in a day or two I can try knitting a row, but I’m not rushing!

No knitting 2

No knitting today, but in knitting news, yesterday I happily acquired a wooden chest in which to store my handknits, so here’s a view:

My sweaters and shawls are much happier here in this roomy chest than crammed into my dresser drawer, which honestly did not fit all my sweaters without a good deal of squishing.  Yay!

No knitting

As my wrist and hand aren’t doing great, I’m trying not to knit. I’m very much looking forward to acupuncture later this week, and wish I hadn’t taken last week off (mostly due to scheduling, but I wish I’d tried harder to make it happen).  It helps so much!

In lieu of any WIP photos, here’s one of the Wee Boy at my friend’s garage sale today: