Headbands and more

Lately I’ve been plodding away at my small-needle WIPs, which I can only work on for a few rows at a time due to carpal tunnel. Case in point: I knitted one measly row while waiting with the Wee Girl’s second-grade class for a play to begin.

One or two rows at a time, it’ll eventually get done!  But I’m afraid I might have to really stuck with larger needles from now on. 

A little sewing project has been going on here- I decided to make a couple of bundles of headbands for our elementary school’s fundraising auction. They won’t bring a ton of money, but it’s nice to contribute something, especially since I didn’t work on the class project this year.

there were supposed to be 10, but i made a mistake on one and am wondering whether to fix it or just go with two sets of 4 instead of 5 per set.

And in cute baby news, here’s my cousin’s granddaughter in one of her Magic Coffee Baby Hats.

so cute!!!!!!!!!

Gogood night!

3 thoughts on “Headbands and more

    • I do lots of rest and also acupuncture! The acupuncture is amazing. I am missing this week because of scheduling issues, but wish I had made more of an effort to make it happen. I think I overdid it with the Trillian scarf, so I might even take a few days off completely from knitting. Boo!

  1. Babies in knit stuff! How exciting to see. I am hoping I receive a pic of baby and his blanket from my daughter’s favorite prof. He told her they have a surprise for her and I, and since grandpa is a photographer, we figure it’s a pic. I wish all my giftees sent pics!!

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