Another hat

Last night I finished another stash-busting hat. I think I’ll keep this one- it matches my fleece jacket and I don’t have any others like it.


i’ve recently gotten hooked on pom poms!

I didn’t do jogless stripes or anything fancy, but I think the color changes look pretty good anyway. Have a look:

Not amazing, but not bad for zero effort! 😜

Now I really should knit something other than hats for a while. So, I picked up the Wee Boy’s sweater again and am almost halfway down the second sleeve. 

In funny news, here are a few goofy pics from the San Francisco library’s spring book sale. The craft section is always a hoot!

those sleeves probably use up as much yarn as the body does!

put a cat on it!

I also found five vintage Nancy Drew books to add to the Wee Girl’s collection. She was pretty pleased with me.  😬📕🔎

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