Handknits on vacation

We drove up to Tahoe from San Francisco yesterday to have a few days of snow fun for spring break. It’s been cold and snowy, so we’ve been getting lots of use out of ourhand knits, especially socks (me, kids), sweater (Wee Girl, me), and hats (all four of us).

 Fresh-off-the-needles Cairn hat (too big for me but it came in handy when some hats got too wet to wear):  
   Breaking waves hat:  

Fish hat:   

Very, very snow-covered fish hat!  

And the Wee Girl borrowed dad’s Turn a Square hat in Gryffindor colors because she loves Harry Potter:


No pics of my husband in his hats, but he’s always wearing one of the four or so baby alpaca hats I’ve made for him. 

Playing in the snow is exhausting! Good night!

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