Secret project reveal!

Well, my package of secret projects arrived at its destination on time!  That is, everything arrived at my sister’s house time for my niece’s baby shower, and now I can show you the gifts I made.

There was this tiny (newborn size-ish) sweater, the Easy Baby Cardigan from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  It really was an easy project, and quick!  It only took a few days and less than a skein of yarn.

The pattern called for 1/2″ buttons, but I had trouble finding that size, and also the pattern doesn’t call for buttonholes, so I went for slightly smaller buttons that I thought would be easy to jab through the garter stitch.  (Next time I’d consider adding buttonholes– new parents don’t need that one more thing to slow them down.)  The yarn is Plymouth Encore Worsted, which is machine-washable, a huge bonus for baby knits.

Next up is this baby quilt I made to match the quilt I sewed for my niece’s wedding last summer.  I was able to use only fabric left from the first quilt.  I had to piece lots of smaller bits together, but that is part of the fun for me– to see if I can make it work!  And I did!  It also helped that I found a good amount of the polka dot fabric after I’d prepped most of the squares already.


As you can see, I’m still working on cutting straight.  :/img_6175

I also sent along three of the pink stripey baby hats I’d made recently.  I forget which of the Magic Coffee Baby hats, but they included one or more of these, plus the Marley on the right.

With my deadline crafting done, and feeling a bit tired of hats, hats, and more hats, I’ve finally started a new cardigan for the Wee Boy.  It’s the Child Sophisticate.–child-sophisticate I always liked the Baby Sophisticate, but never made it while my kids were small enough for it.  And now the pattern has been expanded up to size 10!  Handy!  I’m using pea green Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from my stash, and navy blue Cascade 220 Heathers from last year’s Stash Exchange.  This photo was taken yesterday when the lighting was good, but I’m further than this now.  Tonight I separated the arms and am working my way down the torso.  So far it’s a quick, easy knit, even with the limited time I’ve put into knitting on it.

Carpal Tunnel has still got me down, and I’m trying very hard to listen to my hand and wrist and not overdo it!   Computer work also irritates it, so I’ll stop here for now!  Good night!

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