This is why we practice.

I’ve been holding on to some cool Tardis fabric for a while now, thinking it’d make a cute skirt. Finally I got around to trying out a pattern I had in mind. I practiced on some stash fabric that isn’t dear to me, in case it was a flop. Good thing I did!   It did not turn out well.

The pattern is from Simple Modern Sewing, which is super lovely but with which I’ve had mixed results.  
Unfortunately, the ease in the patterns in this book is enormous and therefore very unflattering on a curvy, petite woman like me. I won’t even model this giant skirt for you!

looks ok-ish from the front…

It just has sooo much excess fabric.

too much fabric!!!

Oh well. I can salvage the fabric and make some pj pants for the Wee Boy, and I will definitely seek out a different skirt pattern for my Tardis fabric! Suggestions welcome! 

On a more positive note, I should be able to finish my Magnolia hat tonight. Yay!


2 thoughts on “This is why we practice.

  1. It can be hard to know from buying a pattern unlike Ravelry where you can see how it drapes on an actual body and what others thought of it. Sorry it wasn’t 100% to your liking.

    • I’m glad I tried it out on non-precious fabric!! I think I’m ready to give up on that book. I’ve been noticing sewing patterns that become popular– it’s relatively easy to search for the FOs and get an idea of how they tend to turn out… not as easy as Ravelry, but luckily so many crafters love showing their FOs online!

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