My cold is much better, and so is my carpal tunnel trouble, but I’m trying to be very cautious and take it really easy.  Today I had acupuncture, which has helped me with this problem in the past. Hopefully with some more treatments and rest, it’ll improve as quickly as it did last time (at least in my memory it was fast!).

I’ve been slowly working on another rainbow hat, as stockinette on biggish needles doesn’t irritate my wrist and hand, as long as it’s in moderation.

Because I’m knitting so little, I’ve been reading more instead. I’m currently reading Henry James’ Thr Portait of a Lady. It’s interesting enough, although it does move slowly.

The Wee Boy and I have also been trying out different vegan donut recipes to bake in our (still new) donut pan! Among our efforts:

Chocolate Glazed donuts from Happy Herbivore:   
“Out the door chia power donuts” (or some other goofy name) from Oh She Glows. 

So far I like the chia ones best- they have the fewest ingredients and are so fast and easy. They seem more filling and nutritious, and less of an indulgence. Wait, am I still talking about donuts? 😅

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