Home again

A few highlights from our last day or so in Tahoe:

Reading the funnies: 

hubby turned 50 during this trip! some of us were too busy with preparations to realize it…


The cold never bothered him anyway.

So. Many. Snowball fights!


they waited so patiently for me to throw my sbowball at the tree above them. mwahahahaha!



we talked about not throwing sniwballs at close range, but the message did not sink in.

  One last outing to go sledding- this time to last year’s favorite- Mt Rose.   


On the way home we stopped at my husband’s brother and sister-in-law’s house in Sacramento, and we met their new dog!  It might sound goofy, but letting this sweetie was one of the highlights of our spring break!

Aside from heating issues in the cabin, we had a pretty good time. For me, the most fun was pelting my family with snowballs, and I worry a bit about what that says about me. 😜 

I only knitted a few rows the entire time we were gone, a big contrast from last year when I knitted my mini mania scarf in Tahoe. It doesn’t feel like my carpal tunnel issue exactly, so I wonder if I made too many snowballs for my age. 😔

Handknits on vacation

We drove up to Tahoe from San Francisco yesterday to have a few days of snow fun for spring break. It’s been cold and snowy, so we’ve been getting lots of use out of ourhand knits, especially socks (me, kids), sweater (Wee Girl, me), and hats (all four of us).

 Fresh-off-the-needles Cairn hat (too big for me but it came in handy when some hats got too wet to wear):  
   Breaking waves hat:  

Fish hat:   

Very, very snow-covered fish hat!  

And the Wee Girl borrowed dad’s Turn a Square hat in Gryffindor colors because she loves Harry Potter:


No pics of my husband in his hats, but he’s always wearing one of the four or so baby alpaca hats I’ve made for him. 

Playing in the snow is exhausting! Good night!

Sweater progress

Finally I was able to photograph my Child Sophisticate sweater in the daylight!

One sleeve is nearly done, which leaves sleeve #2 and the buttonband/shawl collar. The first sleeve was quick, but I imagine the buttonband and collar will take a while.   

So far I’ve almost used up one skein of cascade 220 and three balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  The best news is that it fits the Wee Boy with room to spare, and he’s very pleased with it. 

PJ blog post!

Sorry for my quiet site lately, I have been so tired and only knitting bits at a time.  Luckily, my hand and wrist are feeling much better so the Wee Boy’s sweater has a sleeve already!  I’ll take a photo tomorrow in good lighting.  For certain yarns, it just seems mean to take a night photo which makes them look dreadful.  Better to wait than make the yarn sad.

In the meantime, we had such a great birthday swap tonight at Purl Jam that I wrote up the post right away, so here it is!  https://purljamsf.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/a-bearded-birthday-swap/

Good night!

Birthday sewing

The Wee Girl turns eight on Monday, and I decided to make her some pajama pants with Star Wars fabric featuring Rey from The Force Awakens.

I also fancy-cut a scrap and zig-zagged it onto a t-shirt so she’ll have a set. I think she’ll be pleased!

And a view from the afternoon- we took the kids to play at Crissy Field for a while. It was chilly and windy!


ETA we gave the girl her gifts early- she’s a happy camper!



Thanks to a business meeting at preschool, I had some knitting time and finished my current charity hat!

I managed to use up every last bit of two yarns- one of which (blue malabrigo) I’ve had for over 5 years.  It’s nice to use up stash like this, and leave nothing to stuff back into the closet. 

And the stockinette on large-ish needles didn’t seem to hurt my hand/wrist at all. ☺️