This is (a cool) hat.

Confession: I had my doubts about this hat. I didn’t know if it would fit, if I was doing it right, if I’d like it…. Maybe that’s why I powered through it. I did about 50 rows tonight- half were plain purl, so it’s not exactly amazing, but it was enough to finish! Before the three needle bind off:


one still wonders, what is this!!??

After the bind off:


really cool!

  And one mediocre modeled selfie so you get an idea of the fit.


it fits! it fits WELL!

I’ll block it, which might help the uneven edge a bit.  Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this hat, considering my rough start and great trepidation with such a mysterious pattern and unusual construction!  


A knitting friend convinced me to join a leethalknits hat series KAL. I’d never done anything quite like it, and it sounded fun. The first hat was a mystery, which sounded fun since I’d never done a mystery KAL before. But I got caught up in the crochet hats (deadline crafting comes first!), so I started late. After one frustrating false start, I changed yarn from a dark gray to one that’s easy to see, and which I hope will be less frustrating. 

So far so good! I’ve managed to keep the right stitch count and I can see the pattern emerging.

I could have used a completely solid color to showcase the cables better, but I think this will be pretty, and it’s using up yarn from our stash exchange, always a bonus. Wish me luck!

Dino hat, street art

Last night I finished crocheting another hat for our preschool’s fundraising auction! This time, a dinosaur!

And for fun, here are some pics of a super fun block the Wee Boy and I came across on an errand this morning.

Yarn bombings!


The boy couldn’t resist giving the crochet pieces some cuddles.

Koi sidewalk!


Weekend recap

Well, I’ve figured out my problem with uploading photos to WordPress.  I simply used up all my data!  Luckily that’s an easy fix.  What isn’t an easy fix, however, is that when I try to upload new media here, and open up my Photos file on my iMac, photos taken since mid-December aren’t showing up.  I can’t figure it out.  Ugh.

Anyway, here’s a bit of what I did this weekend:

I’ve been working on spinning 138 grams of ??? fiber, which was dyed by a friend and brought to our 2015 stash exchange.  It’s turning out thin and lovely.


There was a photo shoot of the owl hat I crocheted for the boy’s preschool’s fundraising auction, which is coming up soon.  I’m also crocheting away at a cute dinosaur hat to contribute as well.


There was lots of outdoor time as well, of course– lots of playground time and tree climbing.  The weather this weekend was really warm and sunny, so we had to be outside.  I kind of miss the rain, though.

I hope you had a nice weekend!



Secret Project Reveal

Tonight I put the last finishing touches on my big secret project that’s taken…. I don’t even remember how long.  But it feels like a pretty long time, because since the Wee Boy stopped napping, I’ve only been able to work on it here and there- it’s not portable, and it takes quite a bit of time and space to work on.

Anyway, here it is!

This is a pattern to make a Princess Bride-themed Quiet Book.  In case you’re unfamiliar with quiet books, they’re basically felt/cloth activity books meant for kids to play with.  A lot of times they’re meant to be somewhat educational, but in this case, this has been my #1 favorite movie since I was 15 or so, and I’ve been super excited to make it into something fun for kids, so it’s purely for entertainment value!

I started out with obvious ideas for activity pages, sketched them out, then made more detailed drawings and instructions.  Once all the pages were designed (the quick part!), I started writing the pattern at the same time as I followed my own instructions and made the pages myself.

The pages that I expected to be super fiddly, surprisingly, weren’t!  Making this book really isn’t that much work if you have some good periods of time and it’s even better if you don’t have to put everything away after a crafting session as I do (my craft room is the kitchen table).  I even added instructions on shortcuts for those who are less crafty but perhaps love this movie enough to make the quiet book for someone special.

Unfortunately, I can’t share with you photos of the other activity pages because of the same photo-uploading glitch I’ve been experiencing here on WordPress lately.  The sneak peek on Etsy will have to suffice for now.  I’ll share when I can!!!


It worked!

For all my struggles with this crochet owl hat, I’m kind of amazed that it turned out well.  Sadly, I can’t insert a photo (what’s up, WordPress???), but here’s a link to the project on Ravelry.–childs-owl-hat-4

I’ll take better photos in the daylight– the magenta and purple are very pretty but the night lighting doesn’t do them justice.

Now I’m back plugging away the the other crochet hat, which is supposed to be a dinosaur hat if I can pull it off.

Good night!


Off my game

Since last night I’ve been trying to crochet a couple of hats. Normally I do ok with crochet, as long as I have my copy of “The Happy Hooker” at my side, but these hats are coming out too big.

My plan is just to frog back to the number of stitches of a hat I crocheted that fits the Wee Boy great, and crochet on from there. That should work, rightt?


A crochet hat

  Ugh. Still can’t upload photos while blogging on my phone. I have no idea why!

Anyway! I’m crocheting a hat for our preschool’s fundraising auction and I’m afraid it’s too big. Photo would show a cute blue and turquoise hat…..