Just right!

Tonight I finished the rainbow hat from my magic rainbow yarn cake. It’s just what I wanted it to be- I had just started knitting with the last color when it was time to close up the top. I finished it off with a puffy Pom Pom. 


somehow it reminds me of roller skates and the seventies….

It fits me just right, but I think I’ll add it to the pile of 2016 charity hats.

My hand and wrist have been feeling somewhat better, but I’m still taking it easy, not knitting too much yet…. It’s hard to avoid knitting.

3 thoughts on “Just right!

  1. Hey Mama. Do you stretch before knitting? I’ve been making myself do that every day. It helps with being on the computer also. You are so good about scraps. I should send mine to you.

  2. OMGosh – doh! A Homer Simpson moment. I didn’t know Mother Bear sold kits! A San Mateo blogger I read bought one and posted it recently. Next year I will get one! Remind me, pls.

  3. I’ll remind you next time! 🙂 NOW I stretch before and during knitting. I also started taking a b-vitamin complex- heard that a deficiency can exacerbate carpal tunnel, although I know it’s the crafting and computer mouse that are really to blame….

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