Rainbow hat

The other day as I was leaving Stitches West, I was inspired by this cake of yarn at the top of a list of classes:


I thought it looked like a fun and easy idea to combine leftover yarns. After the kids were asleep, I looked through my stash and came up with a rainbow combo to try out.

I made two yarn cakes; with reverse color order.  I weighed some of my hats and figured that if I have about 8 grams of each of the 7 colors, each cake should be just enough for one hat (next time I’d do a nicer join- this time I just knotted the yarns).

I’ve barely been knitting, due to a carpal tunnel flare up, but luckily stockinette in size 8s seems ok. The first rainbow hat is coming along!

No more knitting for tonight. Gotta rest my wrist/hand.


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