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On Friday I was hit pretty hard by a cold, so I haven’t been up to much, craft-wise.  I did manage to finish a big secret project on Friday, when I really should have been resting, but a) I shouldn’t have stayed up so late to do that, and b) I can’t show you yet!  Luckily I was able to spend most of yesterday in bed, and I even fell asleep by 7pm.  I didn’t even knit, but I finished a novel about the Dust Bowl, and got through about half of White Fang.  I think I should choose a more uplifting novel for my next read, eh?

Anyway, I finally got around to writing up the last two Purl Jam birthday swaps, so here’s that post!


Now I’m going to get back to my tea and rest.


I’ve been working on some secret projects, and posting a few pics here and there, wrongly assuming that the recipient hasn’t been active online.  I soon became aware, however, that she is something of a lurker.  She’s “liked” my posts or photos, and I think it’s safe to assume she knows just whom the items are for.  However, I want to keep the end results a secret until the great reveal, so I’ll just end here for now.  Good night!

Just right!

Tonight I finished the rainbow hat from my magic rainbow yarn cake. It’s just what I wanted it to be- I had just started knitting with the last color when it was time to close up the top. I finished it off with a puffy Pom Pom. 


somehow it reminds me of roller skates and the seventies….

It fits me just right, but I think I’ll add it to the pile of 2016 charity hats.

My hand and wrist have been feeling somewhat better, but I’m still taking it easy, not knitting too much yet…. It’s hard to avoid knitting.

Rainbow hat

The other day as I was leaving Stitches West, I was inspired by this cake of yarn at the top of a list of classes:


I thought it looked like a fun and easy idea to combine leftover yarns. After the kids were asleep, I looked through my stash and came up with a rainbow combo to try out.

I made two yarn cakes; with reverse color order.  I weighed some of my hats and figured that if I have about 8 grams of each of the 7 colors, each cake should be just enough for one hat (next time I’d do a nicer join- this time I just knotted the yarns).

I’ve barely been knitting, due to a carpal tunnel flare up, but luckily stockinette in size 8s seems ok. The first rainbow hat is coming along!

No more knitting for tonight. Gotta rest my wrist/hand.


Stitches West 2016

Today some fellow Purl Jammers and I attended Stitches West!  I wrote a bit about it for the Purl Jam blog: https://purljamsf.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/stitches-west-2016/

I didn’t spend as much time in the marketplace as usual, which was good for my wallet.  I also notice that with every year that I go, I feel less inclined to buy a lot.  But it’s still really fun to see what’s new– patterns, yarns, trends, and to visit favorite booths (I’m looking at you, Miss Babs!  http://www.missbabs.com).

I only ended up buying three things; some Miss Babs Wowza, roving from Wonderland Dyeworks wonderland dyeworks, and roving from Anzula http://anzula.com.  It was enough!

Here are some fun photos from today (I only took a few all day!!!):

IMG_6076 (1)

Me and Amy at the Mother Bear Project booth




Superhero bears!  Not pictured: Thor and Iron Man.  


There were Downton Abbey-themed yarns and patterns!  Gorgeous!


I’m totally going to try this!!!  


I thought Amy should keep the bear hat!  


The Village Bears!!!!  #1 favorite bears today!


Some sewing, etc.

Yesterday I found myself with some free time and an urge to start a new sewing project. However, when I peeked at my project basket, I found a few UFOs and was reminded of a project with a deadline coming up this weekend. After a few scattered sessions in my studio (aka my kitchen table), I’ve finished four of the pieces.

Two soccer gear bags:


these ate quite big- they’ll easily hold a uniform plus shoes.

And two oddly-shaped project bags, eeked out of leftover fabric too big to be scraps and too awesome to not eke out a few little somethings for myself:




I’m ridiculously pleased to have a few colorful project bags to brighten up my knitting. These are pretty small- they’ll fit a sock or hat project, but not much else.

Today I was also able to get some better, naturally-lit shots of my Provocateur hat. A few shots here, to show you the funky construction.

Pretty trippy, right? That’s all for today! Good night!

Princess Bride Quiet Book- photos!

Voila my Princess Bride Quiet Book photos!  The pattern for making the book is for sale in my Etsy shop.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/267167254/princess-bride-quiet-book-pattern?ref=shop_home_active_6

cover pageIMG_5870IMG_5869


IMG_5873IMG_5874IMG_5875IMG_5877IMG_5878IMG_5879IMG_5880IMG_5884IMG_5885IMG_5886IMG_5889as you wish

I’m so glad I was able to figure out my issue with posting photos here.  For a while I felt like I was up against the Cliffs of Insanity myself.


Bears, bears, bears!

Two of my bears have been spotted in Zambia!

And Wanda:

This Friday I’ll be volunteering for a bit at the Mother Bear Project booth at Stitches West, so I thought this year I’d like to wear a bear hat. I found an easy pattern using bulky yarn (I used some handspun doubled), and managed to make the entire hat yesterday.

I spun this  yarn from Rambouillet roving that I bought at a (more or less) local farm, so it’s very rustic- lots and lots of vegetable matter.  Doubled, it was perfect for this project although it’s kind of stiff and my carpal tunnel is flaring up as a result of the stiff yarn combined with crochet. I’ll have to take it easy for a bit. 

All in all, it was a good weekend for bears!  I hope you had a good one!