Almost there…

Having been fighting a rather persistent cold for the past few weeks, I took most of last week and all of this week off from the gym.  This gave me some really great chunks of time to work on my Super Secret Project.  It’s a project that tends to take a lot of time and space, and as it’s something of my own design, it also takes a lot of mental power, of which I don’t always have a great supply.  WELL!  Thanks to a few days of intense attention, it’s almost done!  I just need to do a few more steps and it’ll be ready to share.  YAY!

I hoped to share a photo of my French Toast’s debut out in the world (albeit mostly covered in a coat and scarf), but wordpress is not letting me.  Ugh.  Here’s a link to its project page on Ravelry, where I’ve already uploaded a few new pics.

Hope you had a great Saturday!



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