French Toast on the go

At knit night tonight, I finished the body of my French Toast sweater. The fit is great, but I don’t like that the designer says to do the hem ribbing with the same needles as the body. Usually it’s done with smaller needles, but I trusted her explanation on Ravelry. It looks too big and sloppy, so I’ll reknit it with smaller needles later. For now, I’ve got a good start on the first sleeve!


5 thoughts on “French Toast on the go

    • Wouldn’t that be fun? Sigh, I haven’t sewn in a while now. The boy rarely naps now (and the day is messed up if he does), and I’m so exhausted by bedtime that after the kids are asleep all I can do is knit or spin a little. It would help if I had a place where I could leave the sewing machine out, but I have to store it in the closet, away from curious fingers.

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