Sweater progress, and socks-to-be

A sweater in DK yarn can go quickly, and because the pattern I’m using is so simple, this French Toast pullover is flying! Progress as of five minutes ago:

  I’m about 11 rows from the ribbed hem, then on to the sleeves and neckline.
The fit is good- not too tight, not too loose, comfortable with a layer underneath. I have high hopes for this sweater!

In other knitting news, yesterday when I checked the mail, I got to tell my husband for the first time ever, “your yarn is here!!!” Seriously! He’s overcome his trepidation at wearing handknit socks (“they’re too special!”), and actually requested a replica of his favorite ones(Mr.Pitt’s Socks), in the same yarn (Berroco Ultra Alapaca Light) different color (Salt and Pepper).  

Maybe I’ll  wind the yarn when my sweater is done…. 😜

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