A bear, a sweater

Today I finished my J bear, who I named Jango. 

This makes 26 bears in 2015, well beyond my goal of 15. And I’m nearly at the end of the gigantic skein of sky blue acrylic, yay!

Last night I swatched for my French Toast sweater. The pre-washed swatch was perfect, but it bloomed during the washing/drying, so I went down a needle size.


see the difference?

I casted on this evening and have about 2.5″ done so far.

  The pattern could be a bit better- some parts are a bit unclear, but luckily I’ve made plenty of sweaters and so far have been able to figure things out. 

Hopefully this will be my first FO for 2016! Happy new year! πŸΎπŸŽ‰

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