With few days left in the year 2015, my knitting goals have been on my mind. I’m trying to gather up enough courage to crochet my POP blanket squares together.  I think my arrangement is fine, so I’m basically ready…. Wish me luck!

In non-crafty news, the kids and I were killing time today on Clement street in the Inner Richmond here in San Francisco. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s kind of like a non-touristy Chinatown with western places of business scattered throughout. It’s a good place to spend a rainy afternoon.


donuts and hot chocolate= a good 20 minutes

After refreshments, we checked out Kamei, a super fun, mostly Asian, household goods store.  

i kid you not, they were saying “exterminate! exterminate!”

I’d have taken pictures of some of the beautiful dishes, only I didn’t dare enter those particular aisles with my darlings. 😜

I hadn’t planned on buying anything, but left with a super cool  handle-free rolling pin (we used them in my bread class back in Tokyo!), and a few cute sets of chopsticks for the kids’ stockings.

Imogene Bear

I finished  a bear!  
I was going to name my “I” bear Inigo for the character from my #1 favorite film, but as I wanted to use up lots of blue acrylic, she is a girl and I decided to name her Imogene after a very minor character from About A Boy.  I think she’s sweet, don’t you?

Next up is J…

Last-minute teacher gifts

Because of other knitted gifts, I ran out of time to knit for the Wee Girl’s teachers! Somehow I thought I could knit two pairs of fingerless mitts in two evenings. Or two bulky scarves in one evening and a morning! Or maybe sew something! Luckily I eventually remembered beading, and that I could easily make some earrings quickly.

Of course, I went overboard. I thought I’d make a pair for both teachers.

Six pairs later…. 
I let the girl decide who gets what, so each teacher gets three pairs-including one red pair not pictured- which means that I get the dangly jade pair in the top row, yay!

I realized a few things today:

1.Don’t leave crafty gifts until the last minute!, my beading skills are rusty!

Trio of secret knits

Tonight I finished the third of a trio of secret knits. I’m excited to get them sent out and find out how the recipients like them. 

The really fun thing is that these are projects I wouldn’t normally have chosen, but I thought they would suit the recipients.  I flexed my colorwork muscles and did a few skills that were new to me.

I hope to have modeled photos for you soon!

A grand day out, and a ruffle

The kids and I spent a good portion of the day out exploring a new place, then an old favorite.  First, Fort Funston, which was new to us.

The warnings are scary!

But the views are fantastic.    
The tree climbing is also fantastic.


The colors! The textures!
After lunch and gingerbread cookie dough-making, we headed out again, this time to Stow Lake, where the kids enjoyed climbing trees and “tinkering.”


“the tangle of doom”

Our cookie results were pretty funny.


a friend of mine called them the Walking Bread. zombie decorating tomorrow!!!

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished 2 out of 3 secret projects, and have a decent start on the 3rd. Sneak peek:
I have much more than that done now, but this part has to be blocked before I continue. In the meantime, I’m working on a bear.
And how was your Saturday?