With few days left in the year 2015, my knitting goals have been on my mind. I’m trying to gather up enough courage to crochet my POP blanket squares together.  I think my arrangement is fine, so I’m basically ready…. Wish me luck!

In non-crafty news, the kids and I were killing time today on Clement street in the Inner Richmond here in San Francisco. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s kind of like a non-touristy Chinatown with western places of business scattered throughout. It’s a good place to spend a rainy afternoon.


donuts and hot chocolate= a good 20 minutes

After refreshments, we checked out Kamei, a super fun, mostly Asian, household goods store.  

i kid you not, they were saying “exterminate! exterminate!”

I’d have taken pictures of some of the beautiful dishes, only I didn’t dare enter those particular aisles with my darlings. 😜

I hadn’t planned on buying anything, but left with a super cool  handle-free rolling pin (we used them in my bread class back in Tokyo!), and a few cute sets of chopsticks for the kids’ stockings.

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