Party time

We’d been invited to this nice holiday party weeks ago, and we were very enthusiastic about it until we’d had a terrible night’s sleep (due to the Wee Boy), and were plumb tuckered out at the end of a day of shuffling kids, chaperoning a field trip to the symphony, a long time at the park…. And I find it harder and harder to go out after dark, especially if it’s not knitting-related. My feeling just before the party….

can’t i just put my pjs on!??!

But of course, it was a great evening of conversation with adults, wonderful food and drink, and quality time with the Mister. It’s always worth it to rally!
Now, crafting news!

Late last night I finished my spinning project.

  Many, many yards of thinly spun yarn, making a sport-weight or so plied yarn. 

And this morning, before the field trip, I had time to knit in  a coffee shop- -alone– what a luxury!

Super awesome fact of the day: I showed another mom the pattern I’m knitting, and she told me that her friend had made it for her daughter! Cool!

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