Today I made a little progress on my second Ziggy Plays Guitar sock. 

  It isn’t easy trying to match up Noro yarn, especially when you’ve taken out large sections.

I’m hoping they are pretty close, but obviously I’m a lover of handmade things and will still be happy if they aren’t. 😜

Today I also had the chance/reason to organize my drawer of hand knit socks, which is always a pleasure. 

I counted ten missing pairs, which are either in the mending pile or drying. I might have to start knitting socks for others…..

Not much

I started my second Ziggy Plays Guitar sock, but it was a long and tiring day, so I didn’t get far. In place of fun crafting news, I bring you a photo of my feet enjoying some Monkey socks.

Cold weather is great for knitters, I tell ya!

In random-ish news, the Wee Girl and I had some time on our own today and got to walk into a neighborhood shop that we love!

This is Cottage Industry on Fillmore Street here in San Francisco. They have so many fun things! 

fancy chandeliers!


lovely incense




really beautiful earrings

The staff member on duty must have been super bored, because she spent a lot of time with us, explaining the wares, their histories and home cultures, etc.  It was ridiculously fun for us! 

It’s interesting how your idea of fun changes once you become a parent, isn’t it??? 

Half a FO

I finished my first Ziggy Plays Guitar sock!

I’ll have you know it’s quite tricky to satisfactorally photograph one’s own knit-clad foot, especially at night. It was interesting to note that I only used blues and purples in this skein of Noro, and I didn’t reach the red/orange at all. I suspect a small person may end up with a pair of stripey socks…

Alpaca, spun!

Tonight I finished spinning my 8.9 oz of alpaca.  It’s more even and thinner than I’ve been spinning lately, so it feels like it’s taken a really long time!  

I’ll let it rest tonight and start plying tomorrow.

I also finished the heel of my Ziggy Played Guitar socks, but havent got a photo yet. The color changes are so fun- I expect to have both socks finished before long.

New sock II

Oops, didn’t hit “publish” last night, which explains my two posts in a row. I’m nearly at the heel! The changing colors really keep me going.  I only stopped because I need to  finish my spinning project.
Thankfully, the pattern calls for a short-row heel, so the rainbow-y gradation won’t be interrupted. My challenge was to start the heel before I reached the purple on the Noro, so the heel would stand out. 

What a fun knit! 

New sock!

Normally I knit my socks two at a time, but if there’s colorwork, forget about it! This is “Ziggy played guitar,” and it’s very much one sock at a time. It’s easy and fun, and longing for the next color makes me knit faster.