Not much

I started my second Ziggy Plays Guitar sock, but it was a long and tiring day, so I didn’t get far. In place of fun crafting news, I bring you a photo of my feet enjoying some Monkey socks.

Cold weather is great for knitters, I tell ya!

In random-ish news, the Wee Girl and I had some time on our own today and got to walk into a neighborhood shop that we love!

This is Cottage Industry on Fillmore Street here in San Francisco. They have so many fun things! 

fancy chandeliers!


lovely incense




really beautiful earrings

The staff member on duty must have been super bored, because she spent a lot of time with us, explaining the wares, their histories and home cultures, etc.  It was ridiculously fun for us! 

It’s interesting how your idea of fun changes once you become a parent, isn’t it??? 

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