15 hats!

Yesterday morning I finished my 15th hat for  Larkin Street Youth Services. My goal was 15 hats for 2015. It turned out to be pretty easy to churn these out- each hat only takes 1-2 days to knit.

The hats are distributed in December to homeless teens in San Francisco (this organization helps more than 3000 youth per year). Around 40% of homeless teens in the United States are LGBT. I have a special impulse to support LGBT causes, and I feel like this is an easy way to do so. A kid who’s going through a tough time during such a pivotal time of their life can receive a hand made hat (in addition to the support and services provided by this organization, which are amazing), and feel that someone cares for him or her- especially during the holiday season, which must be really rough for a homeless teenager. I hope these hats will spread some cheer and hope. 

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