Urban Epicurian Festival

Today I spent the greater part of the day working at the Urban Epicurian Festival at Fort Mason here in San Francisco. I’m pretty tired (also slept badly due to some neck and back problems, and the Wee Boy woke me up too early, so I’m extra tired! ), so here are some photos to show you some of my faves from the day.


I am *really* tempted by the Millennium Falcon necklace….

Or!!!! A Millenium Falcon CLOCK!!!!

How cute are these necklaces? Put a bird on it!

Fort Mason has a nice view of the Bay and the City.

Star Wars cloth buckets! STAR WARS EPISODE VII!!!!!! I’d better revisit Chibi’s booth tomorrow.

Art with dead flies!!!

Pretty awesome candles and other things.

This knitter asked about my cowl (Honey Cowl), I asked about her dress. HAND KNIT dress, y’all! We’re now friends on Ravelry, natch.


This venue is massive, and it’s filled to the gills. There’s so much to see and do and buy and eat and drink!

hee hee. #queen

I refrained from buying anything, but might get a few things tomorrow. I wonder if the same items will catch my eye?

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