Frogging and other loose ends

Today I found myself home alone for a few solid hours, so I worked on some knitting-related things that usually get ignored.

First I frogged three things- a pair of mittens, half a sweater, and a shawl.  

I photographed handspun and (finally) put it on Ravelry. 

my most recent handspun


my very FIRST handspun!!! so bright!!


spinning project from some time this year.

I was also able to photograph the Wee Girl’s new socks with her feet in them.

I even had time for organizing and rearranging of my craft closet, but no photos of that. I’m trying to downsize my stashes, because I don’t like how much space my things take up, or how I feel about having more lovely supplies than I actually need.

It feels good to get to things that had been neglected, doesn’t it??

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