Ribbit/no regrets

Do you have those projects that you made a long time ago, which you enjoyed knitting but never, ever wear? I’ve finally decided to frog a few of mine!

On the right are some awkward flip-too mittens I made when I was such a new knitter that I thought I had to knit my way through Stitch n Bitch and Stitch n Bitch Nation.  They never get worn.

On the left is a Pogona shawl made from the erstwhile Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga yarn. I loved the skein of yarn, but knit up, it looks like camouflage to me.  And I do not wear cammo. Also, the style isn’t particularly flattering for me, even taking into account that I was pregnant with the Wee Boy in these photos.

5690978745_45db496e93_z 5690978961_91715b843d_z

I’ve also decided to frog my (slightly singed) first sweater, rather than repair it, as it’s now too small anyway.


After the Wee Girl was born, I briefly went back to my pre-baby size, but I’m fairly positive that that size and shape are deeply in my past now.

How about you? Have you frogged anything lately?

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