Stow Lake, knitting on the go

We badly needed to get back out into nature today, and the Wee Girl had the perfect suggestion: Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.  Luckily, we managed to wrangle a very last-minute date with friends, so we weren’t on our own.  I always forget how nice and relatively easy Stow Lake is– it has everything a kid needs- water, ducks, dirt, sticks, climbing trees, giant rocks….  We were there for a few hours and it did the trick- the kids were exhausted.

Wee girl, big tree

This place has the BEST climbing trees!

Three-part harmony. For now.

Monster face?

Monster face?

Queen of the Rock

Queen of the Rock

I finished knitting one hat and started another.

Knitting wherever and whenever possible.

Knitting wherever and whenever possible.

Full circle, back to the trees.

They were sooooo dusty!  My kids went right into the bath when we got home.  And they were so worn out that they went to bed relatively easily and early.  Yay!!!

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