Just a skein of sock yarn

Yesterday I went to Imagiknit to buy a skein of sock yarn for my sock knitting group’s current KAL. Well, I hadn’t been there since March!, so  I thought I should leave with more than a single skein of sock yarn. I checked my ravelry queue and ended up getting yarn for a few projects.   

I have plans for all of the yarn, except the dark purple Cascade Heritage, but a skein of solid sock yarn is always handy to have around.  Now I feel like casting on all of this!!!

2 thoughts on “Just a skein of sock yarn

  1. haha! I’m tempted to cast them all on! Having finished a hat tonight, I only have three projects on the needles, which is a lot for me (I usually have 1-2, so I tend to finish them in a timely manner)! Maybe I’ll use finishing the current socks I’m working on as incentive– I’ll allow myself to cast on TWO new items with the new yarn once I finish the socks! They’re for the 7 year-old, so they shouldn’t take that long.

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