Recovery and bears

Yesterday’s wisdom tooth extraction went fine– I spent most of yesterday sleeping, resting, downing broth and juice.  Today has been more of the same.  The pain hasn’t been bad, because I’m keeping on top of the pain meds and icing my puffy cheeks fairly regularly.  I can move on to thicker liquids today, so I’ll start with soups.  I haven’t been as hungry as I expected to be on a liquid diet, but to get more calories in, I had ice cream for dinner last night and for lunch today.  So it’s not all bad.  :0

On to bear news!  A few days ago, the Mother Bear Project posted new photos of bears with new owners in South Africa, and Amy had found my Frank Junior and Norbert among them.  Today I looked back through them and also found Frank Junior in a group shot.  Cute!

Frank is the mostly orange one with dark green stripes and a hood.

Frank Junior!

Frank Junior!

Today I looked through some new photos from Botswana and found my Paul Bear.

Paul Bear

Paul Bear

I haven’t done any knitting yesterday or today, so that’s it for my crafting news.  Back to recuperating!

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