Beach day

Knowing that it would be 80+ degrees in San Francisco today, I had planned to take the kids to a beach. I hadn’t decided which when I received a text from the Wee Girl’s best friend’s mom asking us to join them at Crissy Field. Dilemma averted!  

It couldn’t have been a nicer day for it- hot, clear blue sky, low tide, small, non-threatening waves for a change. 


we’re so spoiled, arent we?


my last photo as a 37 year-old!


frolic, frolic

In the end, three additional families from school joined in on the beach fun.  It’s something I love about attending a neighborhood school– great turnout at last-minute, local meet ups. My kids have much more fun and last longer at the beach when friends are there as well. 
Now to knit away on my bear, although it’s so hot, I might just do a little before switching to reading. Good night!

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