Spinning and such

Yesterday I was very busy with preschool, soccer practice, and then back to the preschool for a meeting. It was made less painful by a gorgeous sunset on my way there.  

Something silly and geeky… I have a habit of paying attention to things etched into the sidewalks of San Francisco. On Monday near preschool I found that someone had written WOLF into the wet cement, who knows how long ago? On my way out the door the next day, I slipped a piece of chalk into my pocket, amazingly found parking right near it, and left my own mark.  Later I found geeky food at Target! 


In crafty news, I’ve been knitting bears and spinning. (I don’t know why I thought I’d have so much free time for crafts during the school year! The Wee Boy isn’t napping, and his school day is short! Therefore my days are long and my evenings short. Le sigh. ) At least I get some crafting in…. 

This alpaca wants to be spun up pretty fine, so it feels like it’s taking forever….  

But it’s nice to be making something….

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