Saturday was all about soccer! The Wee Girl had her first game of the season. They did well, considering they’d only had one practice before the game. 

the wee girl is the one with neon orange cleats. she did her best!

Last night I got to knit while watching The Empire Strikes Back, wearing Star Trek pajama pants and Dr Who socks…  

Today during a lull between a very exciting sleepover and our own dinner/bed time routine, we took a short trip to Marin to the Marine Mammal Center. There we learned about how orphaned/sick sea lions/seals are rehabitated and released into the ocean…

 We also saw 4 deer!

And a very much fogged over Golden Gate Bridge!

At home, I realized that I’d gotten confused abut my bears; which letter I was on, etcetera, so I organized them. 

a=art. b=buttercup. c=charlie. d=draco. e=elrond.

Then I spun a bit.


And that’s a wrap!

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