Trillian, Fezzik

Last night after finishing my Gandalf bear, I went back and added fringe to Fezzik’s scarf, which had left me less than happy.


before fringe


after fringe

I’m much happier with the fringed version! It looks more polished.
Today I had a rare opportunity to knit during the day! The boy was asleep while my husband and the Wee Girl walked the Golden Gate Bridge with family visiting from Connecticut, so I stayed in the car with him and  worked on my Trillian scarf.

 It is so hard to photograph this color way! I think the second photo is more precise.
This evening, the kids and I, along with the visiting cousins, went out in search of the blood moon eclipse. We went up the hill to the park, but still couldn’t see the moon. We had decided to try the other side of the hill when we saw the crowd on top of the hill, facing east. Sure enough, there was a great view from up there.  

Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch for too long, due to the time of day and the presence of wee ones. But it was cool to see some of the eclipse. I always miss out on this kind of thing because we can’t see the moon from our apartment and the effort with little kids is usually too much for me!  Did you see it???

Spinning again

I made just a tiny bit of progress on my G Bear today, but I made some headway on my alpaca spinning.

The kids and I also spent some time at Grace Cathedral with cousins and an aunt (2/3 visiting from Connecticut so it is very special!). 



 It’s a gorgeous place to visit! And it’s along a major cable car line, so if you’re in San Francisco, do stop by! 

Fezzik Bear


My F-bear, Fezzik.  I know, I know, Fezzik is a male!  But I had already quite decided on his name before I started knitting the bear.  After all, The Princess Bride has been my #1 favorite movie since age 15 or so, and therefore with a movie-themed naming system this time around, I had to include Fezzik.  You understand, don’t you?

Birthday exchange

As I’ve mentioned before, my knitting group does this awesome birthday exchange thing.  We get assigned to knit for someone’s birthday, like a Secret Santa exchange.  Usually we have a theme like hats, cowls, mitts, etc., but this year the knitter/giver gets to choose.  Well, yesterday was my actual birthday, and tonight was Knit Night, so I was on the receiving end, yay!

I had another knitter take some pics so you could see how it went.



What IS this face???

What IS this face???

What a beautiful bag!

What a beautiful bag!

You'll see the reason for THIS face in the next photo.

You’ll see the reason for THIS face in the next photo.

Very Wisconsin fabric!

Very Wisconsin fabric!

Thanks, Nan!

Thanks, Nan!

I love how simple and sturdy this bag is.  I can’t wait to use it!

Beach day

Knowing that it would be 80+ degrees in San Francisco today, I had planned to take the kids to a beach. I hadn’t decided which when I received a text from the Wee Girl’s best friend’s mom asking us to join them at Crissy Field. Dilemma averted!  

It couldn’t have been a nicer day for it- hot, clear blue sky, low tide, small, non-threatening waves for a change. 


we’re so spoiled, arent we?


my last photo as a 37 year-old!


frolic, frolic

In the end, three additional families from school joined in on the beach fun.  It’s something I love about attending a neighborhood school– great turnout at last-minute, local meet ups. My kids have much more fun and last longer at the beach when friends are there as well. 
Now to knit away on my bear, although it’s so hot, I might just do a little before switching to reading. Good night!

Almost there, almost a bear

I started out with soooooo much of this mint green yarn, I decided to give this bear a dress and leggings using it, in order to use Jonas much as possible. The hem of the skirt and the scarf will incorporate a few more colors so it won’t be boring. 

In other knitting news, the Wee Girl and her friend wanted to knit today, so we spent some time on it.  

They didn’t last all that long, but I figure a little requested exposure is pretty good, right???

Sleepover, Trillian

Tonighy I’m hosting my first sleepover as a mom. So far the Wee Boy is asleep, but the girls sound like they’re getting rowdier instead of quieter. Hmm. 

I managed to convince them to do one short craft with me- we made ponytail holders!

After making a pair apiece, they were done. So I worked on my secret project (which won’t) be finished by my birthday, sadly.  I just don’t have the time to work on it much these days. 

But I have had some time to knit away on my Trillian scarf. It’s slow, but I can see some progress.  

 I’m not sure what’s issue is, I guess yarn + needle + pattern combination (slippery yarn, slippery needles, garter stitch) this project irritates my carpal tunnel syndrome, so I can’t do much at a time.  A little progress is better than none!

Spinning and such

Yesterday I was very busy with preschool, soccer practice, and then back to the preschool for a meeting. It was made less painful by a gorgeous sunset on my way there.  

Something silly and geeky… I have a habit of paying attention to things etched into the sidewalks of San Francisco. On Monday near preschool I found that someone had written WOLF into the wet cement, who knows how long ago? On my way out the door the next day, I slipped a piece of chalk into my pocket, amazingly found parking right near it, and left my own mark.  Later I found geeky food at Target! 


In crafty news, I’ve been knitting bears and spinning. (I don’t know why I thought I’d have so much free time for crafts during the school year! The Wee Boy isn’t napping, and his school day is short! Therefore my days are long and my evenings short. Le sigh. ) At least I get some crafting in…. 

This alpaca wants to be spun up pretty fine, so it feels like it’s taking forever….  

But it’s nice to be making something….