A full day

The Wee Boy started his second year of preschool today!

The Wee Girl starts next Monday, so we have several mornings to do things that are decidedly more difficult with the Boy.

We started with the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.


Next, we made a stop at the Mounted Police stable, also in GG Park. The only photo I took was for my mom, because her cat’s name is Fritz.

Oops, I also took this one of Sophia showing the Wee Girl the different kinds of tack and their purposes. It was very educational! (Sophia is a knitter!!!)

Our last stop was Ocean Beach, which was delightfully deserted.

Considering that the Wee Boy is at school for less than three hours, I’d say we did well! ☺️

Later, I was able to knit a few rows on my Trillian scarf.

Unfortunately, the Boy took the needle out while I was otherwise occupied, and undid some of my progress. Luckily it was an easy fix, just two rows. But it taught me a lesson: always, always, put the knitting up and away. I’m curious, how do you keep your offspring from destroying your hobbies?


We went to the beach in Pacifica today, but I didn’t take a single photo. It was the most crowded I’d ever seen, with good reason. It was mega hot! The icy ocean water felt very good.

Later I took a +/- 16 block walk with the Wee Boy, which stretched out and out, due to his tendencies to climb every available climbing thing, take breaks, pet every dog, etc.


i think the same person has done lots of this style graffiti in my neighborhood…

And we were treated to a very pretty sunset.   
Instead of crafting, I perused this super fun find from the library.

I’m finding information with which I disagree, so I’ll need to rewatch the films. Need to! πŸ˜‰

Too hot!

Are you a Shel Silverstein fan? Do you know that poem “Too Hot?” That’s how I felt today-too hot to be comfortable… It was in the 80s here in San Francisco, and we felt it! I had to resort to a super light skirt and tank top to bear being outside. I know it sounds goofy to whine about such weather, but we’re used to a chilly, foggy summer, so the heat can take us by surprise. πŸ˜•

I suppose because of the heat and resulting fatigue, I haven’t been super into my fiber hobbies. In fact, I took yesterday off completely. Without knitting a single stitch, I went to bed early with Robert Louis Stevenson.


a captivating read!

Tonight, though, I’m spinning again.

  I realized tonight that I’ve worn out the spring on my wheel! I ordered a new one and in thee anyone carry on, not as easy as usual, but it scratches the itch.

Food and a bear

I’m not sure why, but I went a little nuts in the kitchen today. I made yakisoba and simmered konnyaku for lunch, rice and beans for dinner, and then two jars of kimchee.  I’m very excited about the kimchee, although I need to make some with much less red pepper powder– the Wee Girl really wanted to like it, but it’s too spicy for her.

it burns! but it’s yummy!

And I finished a bear! This is Charlie, named for the protagonist in So I Married an Axe Murderer, one of my favorite movies.  

come, Nadja, let us dance like children of the night!

Now to the spinning wheel and Dr Who! Good night!


A Wednesday

Today was one of those days that could have gone in any number of directions.  It was challenging, but we got by with a little help from our friends. Highlight reel:

Biking/playing at Crissy Field:   

Jason Bear was spotted in Botswana!

 I’m spinning while I wait for the Wee Girl to fall asleep (um, after all that biking, how is she not exhausted???).


Movie bears

As I’m on my third way through the alphabet with my Mother Bear Project bears, I thought I’d do something a little more interesting with their names. This time through, I’m still naming them in alphabetical order, but this time I’m using names from my favorite movies. At least, they were my faves as of a few years ago; some of them may have shifted or been replaced….  My mental list hasn’t been updated since having kids! Imagine that!

Here’s Buttercup, named for my #1 favorite movie!   


I’ve been looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, and today is the day that season 8 is available on Netflix instant viewing! So that, and spinning, is what I’m up to tonight!  


This ‘n’ that

Over the past few days, I’ve done plenty of crafting, although there’s not that much to show for it. 

Spinning progress:

 A new comfy outfit:

either hospital scrubs or prison garb?

 And a partial bear: 

another crazy ball in action!


Lately I’ve been very grouchy, so I’m going to head to bed early, instead of staying up too late doing fun crafts, to see if that helps. Good night! 😴