A full day

The Wee Boy started his second year of preschool today!

The Wee Girl starts next Monday, so we have several mornings to do things that are decidedly more difficult with the Boy.

We started with the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.


Next, we made a stop at the Mounted Police stable, also in GG Park. The only photo I took was for my mom, because her cat’s name is Fritz.

Oops, I also took this one of Sophia showing the Wee Girl the different kinds of tack and their purposes. It was very educational! (Sophia is a knitter!!!)

Our last stop was Ocean Beach, which was delightfully deserted.

Considering that the Wee Boy is at school for less than three hours, I’d say we did well! ☺️

Later, I was able to knit a few rows on my Trillian scarf.

Unfortunately, the Boy took the needle out while I was otherwise occupied, and undid some of my progress. Luckily it was an easy fix, just two rows. But it taught me a lesson: always, always, put the knitting up and away. I’m curious, how do you keep your offspring from destroying your hobbies?

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