Too hot!

Are you a Shel Silverstein fan? Do you know that poem “Too Hot?” That’s how I felt today-too hot to be comfortable… It was in the 80s here in San Francisco, and we felt it! I had to resort to a super light skirt and tank top to bear being outside. I know it sounds goofy to whine about such weather, but we’re used to a chilly, foggy summer, so the heat can take us by surprise. 😕

I suppose because of the heat and resulting fatigue, I haven’t been super into my fiber hobbies. In fact, I took yesterday off completely. Without knitting a single stitch, I went to bed early with Robert Louis Stevenson.


a captivating read!

Tonight, though, I’m spinning again.

  I realized tonight that I’ve worn out the spring on my wheel! I ordered a new one and in thee anyone carry on, not as easy as usual, but it scratches the itch.

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