Harder than it looks

A while ago, I bought some sewing patterns to spruce up the wardrobes of the Wee Girl’s dolls.  

Well! These are not just easy 2-step tutorials, they’re proper patterns with facings and everything, so they still take a bit of time and effort, despite their itsy bitsy size. So, after several hours, I only had this as a result. 

But I have several more items cut and ready to sew… My difficulty here is that the small items tend to jam in my sewing machine, and that the back area of the patternsught be smaller than that of the actual dolls. So I may do some adjusting. 

As it was my first attempt at tiny clothing, though, I won’t be too hard on myself, and I’ll call these efforts a success. At least Shang and Mulan have more options now. 

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