Both kids have totally mastered their bikes, which is so nice for everyone! But I now need a bike to keep up with them for distances, as opposed to short loops.

Plying, plus


while the kids watched Finding Nemo, I made some new stitch markers for my Etsy shop. Sorry about the sad night-time photos!



 Later, I was happy to discover that although I can’t read and knit, or read and spin, I CAN read and ply! So I made some headway on my latest Armistad Maupin novel, “Significant Others.” I can’t get enough of this guy!





After a long and challenging day, I had a bobbin plus a tad to show for it.  There was also some sunglasses-wearing…

 And some excellent socks that I found in the Castro whilst searching for an elusive bead…

But that’s all for today . I’m super exhausted! 


There wasn’t much time for crafting today- school, gym, groceries, park, parenting…. I managed to squeeze in some spinning, or rather, plying. 

It’s going well- the overall affect is less pink than I’d imagined, but I’m sure it’s fine. I promised myself to go to bed by 10:00, so this is as much as I will accomplish today. 


A few days ago, I started a new pair of socks for the Wee Girl. I measured her foot, got my trusty Ann Budd book back from my neighbor, and jumped in. They’re looking small, though. I know it’s hard to tell so early on, but in case they are too small, I think they can be tiny baby leg warmers (there’s a wee baby boom around me! Yay, tiny, cute knitting!!). 

We’ll see!


Today was one of those days in which I really craved Japanese food. So much, In fact, that we went to Japantown twice!

 First to the supermarket…  

For veggie sushi ingredients.

Then for ramen and window shopping.

Today was the last day of the Wee Girl’s summer break, so it was nice that we were able to squeeze in something fun for her sans the Wee Boy and his Tasmanian Devil-like interference.

They were both asleep by 8:00, so I finished my Spunky Eclectic singles!

I just might start plying tonight!