Stitch ‘n’ pitch

Does your local baseball team/stadium host Stitch ‘n’ Pitch? It’s a cool thing where groups of knitters/crocheters/etc get a block of seats together for a home game and there is generally some swag involved.

Tonight was such a night in San Francisco! 

I, fan of no sport, went to a Giants game!    
I spotted stitchers a few rows ahead, albeit not of the knitting/crocheting type.

 My knitting group and I had fun! I learned that watching the game is actually fun and exciting! (More so when you’ve been with your kids nonstop for 7 weeks and finally get a long break and don’t even have to put them to bed!!)
We were treated to a lovely view on the way out.

  And this cool notions bag was the swag for the evening. Cool!  

Thanks, San Francisco Giants/ATT&T Stadium!

I almost finished the Giants-themed cowl I was working on! Just a few more rows! I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to baseball so I can wear it on game days? šŸ˜œ

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