Phew, lake, bear

Over the past few weeks, I helped my parents sort and organize my grandma’s household items to keep/save for other relatives/sell (she is now in a nursing home close to my parents). This huge job culminated in a garage sale, which we held yesterday and today. Thankfully, we sold enough that we don’t need to hold it tomorrow as well.  The sale itself was more work than I expected. I thought I might be sitting in a chair, knitting and being bored. Ha! I couldn’t stop rearranging things, changing prices, moving things to the free box, and today I had the strong urge to illustrate some of the boxes.

me + sharpie = too much fun

One person was chuckling at my artwork and complimented me on it. Made my day!

The kids intermittently ran lemonade stand, sometimes whilst sporting wigs, etc.  

wee girl is suspicious of wee boy’s impressive mullet.


Of course, I also had to supervise them, which at times meant rescuing items the Wee Boy had thrown over the fence to the dogs.

poor baby


poor beast

It was super hot today, so the kids and I skipped out of sale duty early and hit Silver Lake.

a new bear!

It was exactly what we needed.


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