Vacation snapshots

Yesterday we saw a bald eagle at the end of my parents’ street!  

I’ve done lots of work organizing my grandma’s things for storage/etc., and have uncovered many a gem. 

Hats! Gloves!  My grandpa and his sister.

The girl found a fur coat.
  My dad and his younger brothers.

 Great grandfather and Great grandmother.  Me and my younger cousin at grandma’s house. (We must have been bored!!! My great grandfather, WWI era. He was called up just a few months before the end of the war, so he didn’t end up getting sent overseas  

I have no idea who this happy couple is– I just love this photo!

 Newspaper from 1927!  My great grandparents’ German bibles.

  The kids and I met up with my old friend and her boys.  It was a very nice visit and play date at our elementary school.  I took the minions to the library I frequented as a kid. 

The library had some good craft books!!  

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