Finish, start, zoo

The kids and I joined a friend for his birthday party at the zoo today!

Here are some of the cool things we saw: Editing and I don’t think I ew  

 Back at home, I was too exhausted to jump into my planned sewing, so I wasted time online and then wound my Sincere Sheep spinning that I’d finished just before we left for Wisconsin in June.
After a wash, it should relax…

Now I’m about to start a new spinning project with this!  

Good night!

Etsy and Gloria

From being mentioned on the Yarn Harlot’s blog last week, my Etsy shop suddenly had a lot of traffic and even a few new orders.  It wasn’t the best timing, stock-wise, as I had been away for over a month and hadn’t been able to make the new project bags I’d wanted to have in stock.  Today I spent some time at the sewing machine and was able to stock up the shop a bit, but there’s still work to be done.  The new project bags I made are Dalek, Tardis, and Star Trek-themed!

Exploding Tardis!

Exploding Tardis!



That would be illogical.

That would be illogical.

My Etsy shop is, if you or someone you know has geeky/sci fi taste and needs a new project bag!

In Mother Bear Project news, I found my Gloria Bear among many bears with their new owners in South Africa.  Love!


Gloria with her smiley new pal.

I finished knitting my Giants cowl at knit night tonight, but then I messed up the kitchener and have to redo it.  I learned a lesson– if you know you’ve messed up the kitchener, stop and fix it!  Don’t try to keep going and just make more work for yourself.  :0

Stitch ‘n’ pitch

Does your local baseball team/stadium host Stitch ‘n’ Pitch? It’s a cool thing where groups of knitters/crocheters/etc get a block of seats together for a home game and there is generally some swag involved.

Tonight was such a night in San Francisco! 

I, fan of no sport, went to a Giants game!    
I spotted stitchers a few rows ahead, albeit not of the knitting/crocheting type.

 My knitting group and I had fun! I learned that watching the game is actually fun and exciting! (More so when you’ve been with your kids nonstop for 7 weeks and finally get a long break and don’t even have to put them to bed!!)
We were treated to a lovely view on the way out.

  And this cool notions bag was the swag for the evening. Cool!  

Thanks, San Francisco Giants/ATT&T Stadium!

I almost finished the Giants-themed cowl I was working on! Just a few more rows! I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to baseball so I can wear it on game days? 😜


Today I did some sewing for my etsy shop! I cut up lots of geeky fabrics…  And ended up with two project bags.  

One is for a current order, the other is to add to my stock. With all this fabric prepped, I hope to be able to add more bags to the shop soon! Once I get my assembly line going, I can be pretty productive. It’s just a matter of having the alone time, as I can’t do much sewing with the kids around. (I don’t know how other moms do it!!!!!) My shop is, if you’re interested!

Tonight I also started a project to knit/wear? at Stitch n Pitch tomorrow evening. The Giants are playing the Brewers, and I have exactly zero sports-related items to wear. Maybe I’ll have a warm cowl by the time the game is over.

Good night!


ahhh it’s good to be home! The flight felt long due to the Wee Boy’s needs, but it went ok.

The U.S. has some really amazing topography, and I look forward to someday exploring between the Midwest and the west coast! 

Home is nice, although I’m still tired and cranky.  

I’m nearly done with my Splatterdash mitts!  

 I’m almost done binding them off, but I’ve been mighty distracted with trying to set up the new computer my husband bought while we were away. Not that I’m complaining!!!! 

Now back to the bind off, and a reasonable bed time!

Wrapping up

Today is our last day in Wisconsin! I packed and sent off my four latest bears,  as well as my souvenir yarn and fiber purchases, which I sent home with some old photos, souvenirs, etc.

 Then this afternoon we had a littler birthday party for the wee boy.  There was also some hide n seek with a corgi.  And splitting of rocks to find out what they looked like inside. 

Now that was a full vacation!! I’m looking forward to being home and being in a two-parent household again! I’m exhausted!! Wish me luck on the long flight home! 

I won! And more!

The other day when I went to Yarnapalooza and Northwind Books and Fiber, I entered to win various prizes. I ended up winning a gift certificate for $5!   I used it toward a game the kids and I can play on the flight home on Friday.  

In other news, if any of you follow the Yarn Harlot’s blog, you’ll know about the bike rally and the karmic balancing gifts you may win if you donate to the cause. Well, having been on the receiving end of the karmic balancing gifts a few years ago, I thought it would be fun to donate a prize this time around. Well, I finally got the news today that my gifts would be on her blog today!

I donated a few geeky project bags- I’ll send them out tomorrow and I hope the recipients love them! 

Well, that was a cool day in knitting/knitting-related pursuits!