Door County

The kids and I drove from western Wisconsin over to Door County yesterday. 

about halfway there- we stopped for a picnic at Rib Mountain State Patk.


whitefish dunes state park- excellent!!!


Gills Rock- our destination!!!


best view in Door County, I’m sure!

In the morning, we started right in on rock throwing. 

ahhhh, beautiful….

5 years since we last saw each other? and this is the closest we’ve met to our home towns.

This morning the kids and I went to Newport State Park bright and early. It did not disappoint.



Then we hit Peninsula State Park for a drive-by. Very pretty!

  We stopped at Renard’s Cheese for lunch- plenty of cheese and tchotkes to go around!




We managed to turn a 5-hour drive into a 7-hour drive, but it was worth the stops. Door County is beautiful!


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