My past (craft) life

Back in high school and college, I was really into drawing and cross-stitch. I dabbled in painting, tie dye, etc., but pencil drawing and cross-stitch were my favorites.  Visiting my parents, there are plenty of examples- here are some! 

some of my drawings from college- i was rarely without my sketchbooks!


a batik from high school


cross-stitch- this one earned me a grand champion ribbon at the county fair!


cross-stitch samer, maybe from college?


i made this for my dad, who was in a gospel quartet and also sang solos at church.


i think this was my first big project- 8th grade.

i made this one for my grandparents, who loved gardening!

 I also enjoyed, then purged, lots of awards and mementos from 4-H, FHA, Forensics, French speaking contests, spelling bees, cheerleading, etc!


plaques from spelling bees and 4-H, mostly


i had no idea how many ribbons and pins i had!


some of my favorite pins.


Ahhhh the nostalgia.  Thanks to Mari Kondo, though, I had little trouble throwing a lot away, giving my parents back some precious storage space! No regrets! 

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