I had a few days off from spinning, and came back to it tonight. It’s going well- I have one more evening before plying.  But wow! This is the first time my hands have become like this from spinning: 


Almost a quilt

Bed times tonight  were reasonably early, and I was able to start the quilting on this cutie:

I should be able to finish within another few quilting sessions, but with kids, ….. There’s no telling how many days it may take to have the opportunity to sew….  So for now I will just be content with this progress and the knowledge that I’m not finishing this at the last minute. 🙂


The Wee Boy had a good nap today, during which the Wee Girl helped me sandwich this quilt.

  I think I measured better than usual, because it came together more easily than my previous quilts. Three cheers for experience! 
The kids did not go to bed nicely, however, so I was only able to complete one blanket square, instead of all the amazing crafty goodness I had been fantasizing about, but I blocked the current batch of freshly-knit squares, which is better than nothing. 

Good night!  

POP/lap blanket

I’ve been plugging away on this blanket- my average best seems to be about two squares a day, which feels slow, but they do add up.

I laid the squares out without much thought, just to get an idea of what I have.  I left a little room to consider the crochet between the squares. It’s  42 inches high and 36 inches wide. So it’s definitely going to be a lap blanket!

This is the rest of my handspun for this project:

Once it’s gone, out comes the crochet hook for finishing! I thought I might make the crochet border extra wide to add some size to it.

Duotone Cowl

I finished this a few days ago, but because it’s knit in the round, it’s thick and took a while to dry. 

Before blocking:

After blocking:

I love it! I can imagine making more of these- it’s easy, fun, a great way to use up random skeins of yarn, and the result is cute.

Quilt and POP!

Lately I’ve had some good chunks of time to work on a special quilt.




quilt top, done!


quilt back, done!


I just need to run to Joanns for some thread and fusible tape (I have enough batting to piece together for a large enough piece, just need to fuse it together!), then on to the quilt sandwich! 

I’ve also started working on my POP blanket again, after neglecting it for so long. Over the past few days, I’ve completed 3-4 new squares. I hope to maintain my determination to finish all the squares soon! I’m on my last skein of handspun for this project, so when it’s depleted, I’ll sew it up and see what I’ve got!

on a roll, i hope.

FO and crazy balls

Late last night, I kitchenered my Duotone Cowl. 

It’s blocking now! I can’t wait to see the final product!

Today I did something I’d been thinking about for a while. I had so many small random leftover balls of yarn, as many of us do.



I arranged them loosely by color and weight, and wound them up into Crazy Balls!



Much easier to store and also to use, I hope! I imagine Crazy Ball hats would be cool! How would you use them?