Duotone Cowl and back to spinning

I’ve been working solely on my Duotone Cowl over the past few days.  It’s a free pattern on Ravelry, and I think it’s super cute!  It’s also a good stash-buster if you happen to have random skeins of 230~ish yards lying around….

With DK yarn on size 7 needles, progress is fast and fun, and today I reached the halfway point, where I got to switch MC and CC.  Sorry for the poor color, the pink is a lovely Silky Wool and the dark purple is Madeleine Tosh’s Dahlia colorway.  It’ll look nicer when I can photograph it in the daylight.
Having reached the halfway point, I’m feeling an itch to start something new, while ignoring the blanket I’m not working on….  But I want to start something other than a knitting project…. The roving is calling me, but how to choose?

In the end I chose my purchase from Sincere Sheep’s “moving sale” collection, which I bought at Lambtown last year.  I sometimes try to use my older/oldest stash first, in order to justify buying new items.  :0    At the very least, I like to use up the product I bought from certain annual events before they come around again.  If I want to go to Lambtown and buy anything this year, I’d better get this spun up!

I’ve decided to spin it all up into one 2-ply project- each ply with a brown/gray section, then blue, then another brown/gray.    Maybe I’ll have some progress to show you tomorrow!

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