I lied.

Remember last night when I signed off, off, saying that  I was going to watch a movie and knit? Well, I didn’t.

You see, I’d had a stealthy sewing project in mind, but I had to finish the quilt first.  Last night was the perfect chance to get at it! 

Remember the wee girl’s class quilt? Well, some of the kids were so sad that only one of them would end up with the quilt in the end, so I thought it’d be nice to make a little something with the leftover fabric- one for kid, so they’d each have a piece of the quilt in the end. I started by sewing small pieces of scrap fabric together. 

Then the smaller parts were sewn together until I had a nice big piece. I cut 5″x5″‘squares and eventually had…

21 squares pinned and ready to sew up:

The sewing of the squares  took much less time than preparing all the fabric. In the end, these will be sachets- next I’ll fill them with lavender, then sew them up! Part of the fun is that they’re all different! I think the kids will like them! 

Sneak peek

I finished my very special quilt tonight! I’ll just give you a few sneak peeks in case the recipient happens to see this blog.

I decided to sew diagonal lines across the squares instead of vertical lines like on my last quilt, or all-over quilting. I haven’t tried the all-over style yet- I’m intimidated by it, don’t know how that would work with my Singer Seventy, and also wonder if it takes forever? I need to maximize my craft time, so I go for simple/efficient when I need to. 

Here I was about to start pinning the binding.  

And here it’s all finished. If you look closely you can see that I didn’t bind by hand.  Honestly, I want my quilts to be used and loved, and I want them to last. I figure binding by machine is more durable, even if it isn’t as pretty as by hand. 

So that’s done, and with time to spare before it gets given away. It’s a relief to have it done, and I’m happy with it. 

Now for some movie knitting! Good night!

Magic coffee baby hat

This is the perfect project when you are going to meet a friend’s baby tomorrow and want to make something for them. The design is by teekay on Ravelry, and it’s simple, free, and fits babies really well.


nearly a baby hat!

I should be able to finish it in time, and hopefully I’ll have a cute baby to show you tomorrow!

In other news, I was covered in hand knits today but was still cold. San Francisco summers, y’all…. Cold stuff.

i am not impressed.

Crazy ball hat 

Today I had a lot of waiting room time, so I prepared an easy knitting project that I could work on without thinking.  Using one of my recently-wound Crazy Balls, I casted on 80 stitches with a size 7 circular needle, and by the end of the day I had a Crazy Hat.


It’s big!


I think it’s cool, but it’s too random for my husband’s taste. The hats I’ve made him are all solid or very orderly stripes. Well, luckily it’s not for him. This goes in my stash for the Larkin Street Youth Services. I’ll make more of these with my other Crazy Balls! 

A holiday Monday

Someone was proud to discover how to keep his sword handy while on the swings. 


Someone made vegan chocolate pudding almost entirely on her own.   

And also got to help with the current quilting project.


 I have 9 freshly blocked squares and 6 freshly knitted ones.

And now I’m plying.  

wearing and watching star trek! yeah!

Tomorrow we’re back to normal- early wake ups, preschool workday, swimming lessons…. It was nice to stick close to home today.

A Saturday 

Today involved…. 

Peanut butter and jelly muffins! (Recipe from Big Vegan)   


Birthday sewing for 1st grade boys!

i made different mistakes on each of these, but they’re sturdy and presentable.


yay! it fits!




Biking in Golden Gate Park!  

Also tree climbing! 

Japanese cooking!

sauteed asparagus, kabocha nimono, blanched spinach with garlic and sesame seeds, yaki udon!

And potion making!

making a face oil


I also knitted two squares for my POP blanket, but unblocked they don’t look like much. Now for a bit of spinning before calling it a day! How was your Saturday?



I had a few days off from spinning, and came back to it tonight. It’s going well- I have one more evening before plying.  But wow! This is the first time my hands have become like this from spinning: 


Almost a quilt

Bed times tonight  were reasonably early, and I was able to start the quilting on this cutie:

I should be able to finish within another few quilting sessions, but with kids, ….. There’s no telling how many days it may take to have the opportunity to sew….  So for now I will just be content with this progress and the knowledge that I’m not finishing this at the last minute. 🙂


The Wee Boy had a good nap today, during which the Wee Girl helped me sandwich this quilt.

  I think I measured better than usual, because it came together more easily than my previous quilts. Three cheers for experience! 
The kids did not go to bed nicely, however, so I was only able to complete one blanket square, instead of all the amazing crafty goodness I had been fantasizing about, but I blocked the current batch of freshly-knit squares, which is better than nothing. 

Good night!