Sea Otter Classic, day 2

Today we made it to Laguna Seca early, so it was much more pleasant.  We saw some bike jumping: 


The kids practiced on the kiddie race course:

“shoot my picture, Mommy!”


wee girl on her pink bike


The Wee Boy won his race!  I was very proud. 🙂   

He also tried to make friends with various young adults. He’d just approach them, ask their names, and strike up a conversation. Upon parting ways, he told the young man in yellow to enjoy his ride.  

Later we hit San Carlos beach, where there were surprising waves and a little tide pooling action.      

I got some knitting in, but decided to end out the night like this: 

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Sea Otter Classic, day 2

  1. What a cool bike course for the kids! Interesting YA book there. I just finished Susanna Kearsley’s The Shadowy Horses. First time reading her work. 👍 from me. Now I’ve started her The Winter Sea.

    • Nice! I think it’s kind of funny that as an adult I’m going back and reading classics I missed when I was younger. Although with many YA books, they are totally fun for adults- like Philip Pullman, CS Lewis, etc.

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